TYWCN: Kung Fury (2015)

Taking Film Studies at York University gave me an annoying habit to analyze movies in a way that would seem like overkill. For most of you, movies are a form of entertainment. A great way to turn off your mind and enjoy a narrative on the big screen. Every movie that I watch, I naturally try to find meanings to things that might not have any meaning at all. In other words, I am probably someone you wouldn’t want to watch a movie with. Why did the cinematographer shoot it like that? Why was it edited so strangely? What’s with the green tint? These are all questions that arise in my mind when I watch a movie, preventing me from ever being 100% immersed in the film. So when movies like Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (2012) or Sharknado (2013) gets released, I instantly gravitate towards those movies. Most B – List movies are films that don’t take themselves too seriously. They are a parody of the mainstream, and often times great ways to learn new and creative ways to portray a story on the Silver Screen.

Kung Fury (2015) written and directed by David Sandberg is probably one of the best films that I watched this year. If you’re contempating on which movie you should take my advice on, I suggest you start with this one because this short 30 minute film will get you laughing throughout it’s entirety. Just take a look at the description given to the film on Netflix, “A Miami detective imbued with ninja superpowers travels back in time to kill Adolf Hitler and the Nazis in an arcade game-style war.” Now who wouldn’t want to watch that. It sounds super awesome already and believe me, it is!


When I first watched Kung Fury (2015) I remember myself quickly checking to see if I chose the right movie. The movie is clearly stated to be produced in 2015, but the movie does not look it at all. In fact, it doesn’t even seem like a movie, but more like a cop show you would see in the 70s. The way Sandberg put it all together was nothing short of genius. Remember those old VHS tapes that your parents used to have of old  recorded movies and television shows? Well, Sandberg’s film will remind you of those times. It was his way of producing a low budget film without it having to look low budget.

You simply cannot compete with Hollywood when it comes to CGI and Special Effects. How can you? Their budgets are immense, which is why Sandberg’s ‘low budget’ animation worked so well with the film. You forget you are watching a movie from 2015, and appreciate the movie for what it is; a totally outrageous and exaggerated film that parody’s 70s cop shows and human history.

Kung Fury (2015) rating: a PLEASE WATCH. If you happened to take my advice and watch the film, or have watched it, let me know! Please comment below.

Watch the Trailer Below: