TYWCN: Creep (2014)

The success of the Blair Witch Project (1999) paved the way for the ‘POV’ movie to explode in Hollywood – especially in the horror genre. Not only is it a cost effective way to make a film – who hasn’t made their own Blair Witch Project, I know I did  – it is a great technique to create and intensify suspense. Even though we all know that it's a bad idea for them to enter the abandoned cabin, as a viewer, we are stuck with that characters decision and the consequences of their actions. A great ‘POV’ film needs to have logical reasons to why the camera is recording. Someone turning on a camera as they are running away for their lives will quickly disconnect a viewer from the believability of the movie. If a guy is coming at me with a chainsaw, I don’t think a selfie would be on my priority list.

Creep (2014) is an independent ‘POV’ horror film written and directed by Patrick Brice. I decided to watch the film because the movie was about a freelance videographer (Aaron - played by Brice himself) willing to tackle any job to make ends meet. As a freelance videographer myself, I thought I would be able relate and appreciate the story that Brice’s film had to offer. Sadly that wasn’t the case as I found myself questioning the characters actions, and more irritably why he was recording some of the things he was recording. Brice’s hold on some shots in the film did create some great suspense to set you up for a pop scare, but that was it. Remember those videos back in the day where it instructed you to turn up the volume just so they can destroy your eardrums with a loud scream while having a demonic face burst on screen? Well, Creep (2014) does a great job in recreating that experience in its 78 minute runtime.

If there was one thing that I enjoyed in the film, it would be Josef (played by Mark Duplass) the antagonist. The fact that he gets stranger and weirder each time he enters the frame gets you interested in what he’s going to do next. Strangely, I was excited to see how Josef was going to end up killing Aaron. Was the ending worth the wait? I’ll leave that up to you.

Creep (2014) rating: a good watch if you have absolutely nothing else to do. If you have watched the film, let me know what you think. Please leave a comment below.

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