TWYCN: Look Who's Back (2015)


When the U.S. votes for their next President – everybody watches. The decision of those 322,762,018 Americans affects the whole world both politically and economically. In short, the U.S. Presidential Election is sort of a big deal. Love him or hate him, Donald Trump has taken it to the next level. His downright outrageous statements has made the Presidential election must watch television. Not because it’s important to be up to date with the world of politics, but because it’s so entertaining. People want to know what Trump is going to say next. Everyday on Facebook there is always a random post about Trump.

The rise of social media has had a huge impact on how we absorb information. We no longer have to rely on major television networks and their hidden agendas to supply us with the news. Because of the internet, we have a choice on what to believe and what not to believe. Everybody and anybody has an opinion on everything, and they are more than happy to share those thoughts and ideas on online.

Look Who’s Back (2015) is a German Comedy film based on the novel by Timur Vermes. Directed by David Wnendt, this 116 minute film asks what would happen if Adolf Hitler suddenly found himself in the year 2014. At first, it doesn’t seem so bad. It’s amusing to see how Hitler deals with a world that has drastically changed after WWII. The film put a permanent smile to my face. Creatively crafted by David Wnendt, the film looks at how our society is easily influenced by social media (mainly YouTube), and you can see that in the way Wnendt filmed it – it felt like I was watching a YouTube video. His way of shooting through the eyes of Hitler made you feel for a man who has been immortalized as the epitome of evil. You can easily see how the Germans could’ve easily put a man like that into power. Hitler uses the tools of social media for his propaganda to make himself a celebrity icon in Germany. Everybody loves him and is hanging on to his every word. It shows how we as a society are obsessed with the outrageous. Take a look at Trump for example. Personally, I think a man like that should have never been allowed to run for office, but because of the way our society has sensationalized him, we know more about him than the other candidates. Let’s not let history repeat itself, and let’s receive every piece of information from the media with a grain of salt.

Look Who’s Back (2015): a PLEASE WATCH. If you take my advice and watch the film or have already watched, let me know! Please comment below.  

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