TYWCN: The Search for General Tso (2014)

I always had a soft spot for Documentaries. They are a great way to learn about new things, and can spark ideas in your mind that might have not been there before. It has become a median to shed light on things that we don’t understand. Tell me a better way to learn about the world while still being able to munch on some potato chips? I bet you you can’t, so might as well take that big bag of potato chips because you’re going to need it for this Title You wouldn’t Consider on Netflix: The Search for General Tso (2014)


As a kid, I remember loving to go to buffets. There’s nothing better than stuffing your face full of Chicken Balls, Beef with Brocolli and General Tao’s chicken. You name it; Mandarin, Starwalk, Super Buffet (RIP), my plate will be full of Chicken Balls, Beef with Brocolli and General Tao’s chicken… General Tao’s chicken… How come every Chinese restaurant serves General Tao chicken? Who is this General Tao, and how did he become such a great chef? Well luckily for me, there were other people curious about the subject  and they decided to make a cute 72 minute documentary of it.


Directed by Ian Cheney, The Search for General Tso (2014), or Tao, Tsau, whatever… tries to unwravel the mystery behind General Tso.  It is a creative look inside the food industry, and it shows how society's perceptions change with the times.  As soon as you begin the movie, you quickly realize who General Tso was. He was a great Military Leader from the Qing Dynasty from 1812-1855, and a powerful leader that grew up in Hunan province. Fortunately for us, he was not the creator of General Tso’s chicken, or it would’ve been a really short documentary. Instead, the documentary focuses on the history of the Chinese in Western Society. The struggle that they had to endure when they decided to leave their home country to live in a new one. How they had to assimilate and evolve in a new environment in order to survive. And that we really have no idea what Chinese Food really tastes like.


The Search for General Tso (2014) rating: a GOOD watch with food. (If you happened to take my advice and watch the film, or have watched it, let me know. Please comment below)