TYWCN: Amal (2007)

The rise of the Internet has given us plenty of great things. It has given us an avenue to access information, A LOT of information.


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But for the most part, it made our lives easier. I remember back to the good old days when you had to record your favourite television show on a VCR. I can’t ever imagine myself going through all that trouble again, just finding a blank tape was a problem. Nowadays, if we ever missed a show on TV, we can stream it and download it literally at our fingertips. You want to watch a movie? No problem, just hope you find a good link. But if you’re like me, and try not to watch movies ‘illegally’, you turn to Netflix. Netflix has hundreds of television programs and movies available to you right in your living room. Popular shows like Daredevil, How to make a Murderer and Narcos are all produced by Netflix.

Now, there are some of you out there that might say that Netflix movie selections are pretty lame, or there outdated, but have you ever tried to watch The Institute, Omar or Wadjda? I’m guessing you haven’t, and if you have, than consider yourself lucky for finding some gems. Now if you’re looking for reviews on Batman Vs Superman (2016) (which was interesting…) or a future review on Captain America: Civil War (2016), than I suggest you stop reading cause I’ll be reviewing *drum roll* the  Titles You might not have considered on Netflix. TYWCN for short.


For my first review, I decided to do a movie that I watched years back and I really liked it. It was introduced to me by my sister, and I’m glad I decided to give it a chance cause it was AMAZING!


Amal (2007) is a charming Canadian film directed by Mississauga born director Richie Mehta. (He is not related to Deepa in case you were wondering) Filmed on location in the busy streets of New Delhi, Amal is about a humble autorickshaw driver who makes a career transporting people within the city. It starts off with Amal and one of his clients Pooja in the streets of Delhi. A streetgirl (Priya) manages to get a hold of Pooja’s purse and runs off. Amal (being the greatest customer service person ever) chases the girl through the narrow alleyways ending in Priya getting hit by oncoming traffic. Feeling guilty about the girls accident, Amal decides to take care of her while she is at the hospital, working night and day making sure she gets taken care of.


While on the job, he meets a crazy old man who gives him a rough ride.  He accuses him of not listening and proceeds to pay for only half the fare. Amal, being the greatest customer service person ever, obliges him and never sees him again. And that’s where the story gets interesting. You see, that old rude man was actually G.K. Jayeram, the owner of a luxurious hotel and a very rich man. He was on the verge of death, but before he passed, decided to rewrite his will and give his inheritance to Amal. GREAT! Problem solved, Amal lives happily ever after. WRONG! G.K. Jayeram has two sons, and they aren't very pleased with their father changing the will. Amal has 30 days to sign the papers, if he doesn’t, the inheritance would go back to Vivek (who looks like Gian Ghomeshi) and Harish. You might be like; Why would the old man do that? Why would he give his inheritance to a complete stranger? This is B*LLSH*T! Well, that is what makes Amal (2007) so deep. It forces us to think about what’s important in our lives. The value of hard work and doing what you love. The idea that you can be happy without having. And if you like twist endings, the ending to Amal (2007) will get you angrier than the ending of Batman Vs Superman (2016), but in a good way of course.

Amal (2007) rating: a PLEASE WATCH (If you happened to take my advice and watch the film or have watched it. Let me know what you think. Comment below)

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